Sunday, December 7, 2008

DWG Going Native Reception

Here are some photos form the group show at Dahlia Woods Gallery this weekend.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Upcoming Show - Going Native

I have 4 pieces of work at the Going Native show at Dahlia Woods Gallery.  There is a reception Friday, December 5th from 6-8:30. The show runs from the 5th till January 3rd,2009.  I'll have 2 new paintings there.  The paintings are title "The Griffin and the Cello" and "San Francisco Under a Marigold Sky" (Ill post photos after the reception).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gallery Representation with Dahlia Woods Gallery

Starting October 1st I will have gallery representation with Dahlia Woods Gallery in Dallas.

I'll be creating all new artwork that will focus on architectural and surreal/dream based ideas. I'm looking forward to working with the gallery.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Saatchi Showdown

Ive entered some artwork for a "showdown" on Saatchi's UK website. If you would please go here and vote for Dinner with Bacchus Giraffe!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ordering Goodies

If anyone would like to order photo prints, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads, mugs, postcards, magnets or coasters with selected pieces of my work you can order them from deviantART here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breathing In and Out

I notice that my work comes in breaths. I have a period of "breathing in", where I don't produce much work and just breath in the life around me, storing it up and processing it. Then I "breath out", letting my subconscious purge and I begin turning all of those experiences into artwork. For the past several years I haven't really produced that much work, Ive been breathing in.

I have ideas for about 25 new paintings that I'm looking forward to starting on. Most of the ideas I have are figurative, some with religious and anthropomorphic overtones about them. I will probably start on those this fall, after we move. I'm interested in seeing how my artwork has changed since I haven't been doing a lot of it lately. I notice that when I "breath out" my work has changed quality, new ideas and ways of painting spring out. I never know what the change will be but I'm looking forward to seeing it develop over the course of my next breath out cycle.

I was recently contacted by a photographer named Ross who is curating for a new space in Dallas called Ochre Gallery. Its a gallery space located inside a salon. I enjoy having my work out in public, for people to see and talk about as opposed to being stored somewhere. Its there now and will be there for several months. I'm also talking with several other galleries right now about shows and other things coming up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thinking Nun drawing

A sketch from a scene in the movie The Sound of Music

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sites, anecdotes and thank yous

I recently joined 3 art sites, thought I would share the links with any other artist interested. They are free sites and others can comment on your work:
deviantART Gallery

I'm going to start applying to local galleries here in the next couple of weeks, a task Ive been neglecting for a couple of years now. I have an interesting anecdote about applying to galleries. About 9 years ago I applied to Empty Walls Gallery in Dallas. The first time I went in I saw a guy working there and he took a look at my work and politely replied "not interested", he didn't really look at me in the face at all. About 6 months later I went back to the same gallery, with the same work and saw the same guy, this time he loved it and asked me for work. I ended up showing my work at Empty Walls for about 4 years. It shows that not only are taste in art different from person to person, but even the same person can change taste over an allotted amount of time. Just a bit of encouragement for any artist who may be frustrated with getting shows.

On a different note I sent a copy of the sketch of Noam Chomsky I did to him, and he replied back saying "thank you and he appreciated it". That made me happy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 new drawings

These are 4 new drawings Ive recently completed. The first of Nikki and Miro on the couch, the second of Nikki and Zoe napping, the third of the creek beside my grandparents house, and the last one of Noam Chomsky. I have a lot of drawings and sketches I haven't uploaded to yet, I hope to get around to that soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Outside the Lines 8 reception

The reception went really well at the Bath House Cultural Center. There was a large turnout, and some great work.

This show was even more special to me because my wife Nikki was chosen to show a piece of her artwork as well, a knitted wall sculpture. It was a lot of fun being in the same show together.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Outside the Lines 8

I am taking part in an exhibition at the Bath House Gallery in Dallas from June 7th-28th called Outside the Lines 8. This exhibition was juried by 3 local art professors and one gallery owner. The Outside the Lines exhibition is focused on artwork that is outside the mainstream of art. There is an opening reception on June 7th from 7-9 pm.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Night Sky Over Reykjavik

I have wanted to create a piece of art based on Iceland since we visited there in 2005. This piece is attempting to reconstruct parts of the city of Reykjavik and the sea bordering the city based on my memories 2 years after being there. There is a theory that each memory is reconstructed anew the moment you remember it from various symbols in your mind. This is my take on that theory.

Taking shapes, pieces, colors, experience, the feeling of the crisp clean air, the marriage of nature and architecture that is Reykjavik, the memories I have of breathing in the salty sea air with every step down her clean cold streets. No matter where I was in Reykjavik, I was constantly reminded of the mountains, the sea and the arctic sky above bordering the top of the world.

I changed the position of the city a bit, taking the main street and pushing it closer to the sea, moving Mt. Esja over a bit and turning the puffin island of Akurey into a man-made object. Nature and architecture seems so inter-related in Reykjavik I made an incoming cloud into the same material the city’s buildings are made of. The pink glow on the horizon gives a hint of the daytime reality the rest of the world is experiencing. You feel as if you’ve found a geographical hiding place away from daylight as the sun focuses on the lower latitudes.

I’ve had a growing interest in night based artwork. It seems at night colors and shapes become more intense as they pop out of the darkness.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Art

I recently signed an online petition against someone who calls themselves an artist ( but is not). This person (who I will not name) starved a puppy in a gallery and called it art. He is set to do it again this year. You can sign the online petition asking the gallery not to do this again.

Killing any living being is not art. It is cruelty, torture and murder for the entertainment of apathetic individuals. There have been other individuals who call themselves artists who kill in a gallery setting and try to pass it off as art in the past (I will not go into the details). To me art is a creation that reflects or represents some aspect of reality, conscious or unconscious. Killing is a reality, it is not a reflection or representation, it is not art, and when you witness the murder of another being through torture or any other means you are witnessing a reality. The reality of another's pain for your pleasure, again (this is the last time I'll say this) this is not art, and any violent individual who does this is not an artist.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Artist a day

I was the artist of the day for a website called today. I was very happy to see that, put a smile on my face, and I loved reading the comments people left. I encourage any artist to submit their work to this site, its a great way to see other artists and get some exposure.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is not Gordon

The relationship between humanity and technology is interesting when you consider that the material we are working with in its raw form is non-existent to our eyes. What we see on the screen is a “translation” of the real material inside the computer. The bright pixels that form pictures, letters and numbers are not really the actual information that we spend hours of every day working, with but an elaborate translation to human symbols. Years ago people worked with there hands and created the product, they could hold the actual result in there hands, today we type on keys, and the actual product is something we never see, the actual product is a translation. Kind of like everything you “see” around you is not external but translated information. Anyway, the title is funny, while I was painting this painting Nikki kept asking me if that was Gordon I was painting (a friend of ours at the time). I kept saying it wasn’t and Nikki insisted that it was, so I titled the painting so that I could win the argument, even though I think Nikki was right, it probably is Gordon!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In the painting NYC, I combine ancient characters (Centaurs, Snake of Eden) abstract forms, and modern day characters (Lady of Liberty), and combine them to present a story of our modern day as if viewed from the distant future. I create the city of NY as a living, warm, breathing creature aware of its own existence.

The Lady of Liberty is deep in thought and rests quietly on a building, smelling a flower. Probably reflecting on her city, the changes it has gone through and contemplating with gentle indifference its future.

The centaurs are taxicabs, taking the citizens of this city to different locations as red blood cells take oxygen to different destinations throughout the body. One of the centaurs is playing the violin. Some of the taxi driver in NY have very interesting stories and talents. One taxi driver we talked to was a wood carver from Romania that worked in Vlad the Impaler's (person the original vampire legend is based on) castle.

In the outdoor restaurant scene, I show both the servant and the aristocrat with abstract faces, for that is the way each typically views the other. Each person in the servant work class seeing just another aristocrat, and each aristocrat seeing just another servant, both groups drawing from and displaying the same attitude towards the other.

I also show a homeless person green, sick and lying near floating wine. Some of the homeless you see in big cities can really touch an emotional chord within you if you look without apathy. I also have a guy looking up the stairs with a green arrow pointing. The green arrow is influenced by an exhibition of Francis Bacon I saw in Ft. Worth. There is also a guy who is part elephant walking the streets, much like the herds of people you see roaming the concrete maze of NYC.

One of the central figures shows a man with an apple, the sidewalk is grabbing his ankle and a snake is heading towards him, like a spider going after a bug trapped in her web. NY tempts some people into biting the apple of knowledge, changing ones view on the world and kicking them out of their respective paradise of blissful ignorance.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Persephone's Part Time Waitressing Job in Hades

This is my new painting titled Persephone's Part Time Waitressing Job in Hades. I created this painting for an exhibition at the BathHouse Gallery called Verse and Reverse.
The painting shows Persephone, the daughter of Demeter (the bringer of seasons) and Zeus, who was abducted by Hades and brought to live in the underworld for half of each year. Persephone is shown waitressing
at a diner in Hades, serving a slice of lemon and a bowl of seahorse soup, with one of the seahorses rising up from his fate to look at Persephone accusingly. The waitress wears an orchid in her pocket, still an admirer of flowers even after being abducted while picking them many years ago.
The story I was given for the Verse and Reverse show was by a writer named Stephen Paul Feagans. The story itself is about a couple's car breaking down in a small town and coming across a Cadillac in a museum given to one of the locals by Elvis. There is a part in the story where the couple is talking to a waitress in a diner, I took that one scene and developed on it adding my own associations into this subject matter.

Video for Verse and Reverse art reception

Pictures from Verse and Reverse Reception

Me and the writer I collaborated with, Stephen Paul Feagans

Zoe peaking out from Daddy's legs (bottom half of the previous photo taken with writer)

One of the biggest compliments I can have is when a child likes my artwork. Their view on art is untarnished by our insubstantial, culturally-biased, arbitrary "rules" of art

View of the White Rock Lake behind the gallery

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3 drawings about 3 places

The first of these is a drawing of Sedona, Arizona. I drew this from our hotel balcony when we stayed there in 2007. The view shows the green valley, the river, the birds flying around and the orange rocky peaks towering over the patchwork of green. I also drew a shadow with 3 heads to represent myself, my wife and our daughter walking in the valley.

The drawing above is of a section of Dallas I use to hang out in a lot called Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum has a lot of clubs, bars, tattoo parlors and so on. I drew the scene as if it were the year 1992 since that represents a year I was always down there.

The last of these 3 drawings is of New York City. This shows a typical midday pedestrian scene. Even though the subway entrance sign says 4th street, the image I based this on was midtown, at 34th and 8th ave near where I used to work.

(You can click on any of the images to see a more detailed view.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Upcoming Exhibition

I am currently creating a new piece of art for an exhibition at the Bathhouse Gallery in Dallas called Verse and Reverse. I like the idea of the show, artists submit a piece of existing artwork that a writer will write a poem or short story about. That same writer will give a story to the artist so they can do a piece of artwork on it. There are 8 artists and 8 writers participating in this show.

Right now I'm working on the artwork for the short story I was given. I picked out a very small segment of the story, just one line, to do the piece on. The writer is going to write a short story about the painting Dinner With Bacchus Giraffe. I'm looking forward to reading his interpretation of the painting.

The show runs March 15th - April 12th, the reception is March 15th from 7-9.

Friday, February 15, 2008


In 2001 we (me, my wife and a friend) took a trip to Japan. While there I drew my wife taking a nap. I'm not sure which city we were in at the time, I think Hakone.

The first drawing I made of her asleep was while we were on our honeymoon in Paris. This is probably my favorite drawing Ive ever done. I like the landscape quality. It seems like the pillow is a mountainside and her hair is a forest or meadow, falling down into a ravine behind her arm. The space under her shirt sleeve reminds me of a cave. It seems that the earth itself could awake from her nap, slowly opening her eternal eyes. To me this drawing sparks the association of Gaia, mother earth and the manifestation of that in my beautiful wife sleeping (after a long days walk through the Louvre).

I really enjoy these drawings of Nikki sleeping, I plan on doing a series of these.

Sun, Tree, Home

We try to escape nature by building an artificial world around us, yet we are making this artificial world out of nature itself. This artwork is about cycles and the relationship of materials. On my website I describe this painting as the relation between our sun, the earth, and what we use of the earth and call "man-made". Sounds a bit vague, right? I'll explain through the symbols on the painting.

The sun provides the light and energy to Earth and without it we wouldn't be here, it is essential to us and in a way has help to build us and all of our fellow earthlings. It takes a beam of light from the sun about 8 minutes to travel to Earth's surface. In the painting you can see the wiggly, swirling vibrations coming down the stairs from the window showing the Sun. After the sunlight reaches the Earth it is "used" by pretty much every living thing, such as a tree. An Oak tree, for example, can live up to around 600 years old. Thats 600 years of sunlight and water. Man will use an Oak tree for construction, essentially harvesting the tree that the Sun and Earth have created. We use trees and other substances natural to Earth to make our creations, such as buildings (trees, rock, sand) roads, and various consumer objects. The straight lined shapes (man-constructed) intertwine and are hard to distinguish from the more organic swirling shapes (natural) in this painting.

We call these objects we construct "man-made", but we are using the material of Earth and Sun to make these objects. So these things are being constructed by man, but not made by man. Just as a society of ants will construct very complicated dwellings out of the Earth around them, we humans also construct very complicated dwellings out of the Earth around us. The complexity and use of these constructions are relative to the one who judges.

There is a quote from Carl Sagan thats sums it up best...“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


With this drawing (and a couple of others completed around the same time) I wanted to try something a bit different so I painted different shades of yellow on drawing paper then drew my wife on top of that. I like the outcome, it gives it a certain cloud like atmosphere. I also like the expression of curiosity I capture on my wifes face, it seems like she was studying me as I was drawing her.

With the line style I use in this and other drawings I'm trying to capture the idea of constant change that is always going on around us. Nothing is ever still, not even a rock. You have the movement of Nikki before she sat down for me to draw her, the movement afterwards, the small movements imperceptible to the eye, the vibrations and movements on an anatomical level, and the myriad of movements inside her body.

I plan on continuing with the ideas and techniques used in this drawing on future pieces.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Female Flatworm Amazon Guardian

Female Flatworm Amazon Guardian completed in 1999 is a vertical diptych. I first completed the bottom half in a very clean style around 1994 or so. In 1999 I added the top half or 'head' of the painting. I also create a rough, worn look to the painting to convey a certain wear and tear (I'll explain the analogy further down), along with small inner-drawings throughout the character's body and head.

The idea of this painting is about women, and the role woman have played and been subjected to all throughout history including our own present day. Women throughout history in various cultures have been the victims of oppression and violence, yet still are the archetypes of grace and beauty. The bottom half is a display of the female form, the part artist and poets have always glorified, the part men usually focus on. The top half of the painting acts as a peephole, showing a glimpse of the part of women that has been subject to oppression and abuse, offering a look at the collective mirror that time has a hold of, as in the book The Picture of Dorian Gray.

I've included a sketch on the female figure's body of a young boy listening to a father, as the father passes on the idiotic idea of mans dominance of woman, of subjecting them to harsh treatment, making them feel like second class citizens. Men pass on this illogical idea of a woman’s inequality to boys, mostly through example. Western religions perpetrate this absurd idea, which is why the father in the small sketch has a halo over his head. I also show an illustration on the woman’s head of a young lady coming to this realization, of her imposed inequality. Even today, here in the US I see men treating their girlfriends or wives not as a partner but as a type of subtle servant.

The Amazon guardian in the artwork stands as a symbol for the courage, the will and timeless persistence that woman throughout history have kept, that idea in the back of their mind (and sometimes right in the front for everyone to see), that they are not second class, they are not servants to be belittled, but they are the mothers of humanity, the archetypes of beauty and grace, despite some mens actions of arrogance and ignorance.

I sold this to a great person in New Mexico who has bought a number of my paintings.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Evolution of Bacchus Giraffe

I have a reoccurring character in some of my paintings, he is Bacchus, the Roman God of wine and intoxication, but in the evolved form of a giraffe.

The first painting he appeared in was a diptych titled Bacchus Giraffe…Drunken God of Mythology in 1999. In this painting a woman is shown getting herself drunk, to escape her worries. She is a devoted follower of Bacchus. In time her head detaches from this dimension and floats into the welcoming arms of Bacchus the Giraffe. He licks her head as if it were a fruit, his saliva acting as an elixir, releasing her from the pain she is enduring, easing her from worry. When I first drew this painting on canvas Bacchus was an ulgy, monster like bearded man. I painted over the man with a giraffe. At first I didn't like this painting very much, but now its one of my favorites.

The next piece of artwork Bacchus Giraffe appears in is a bit more comical, not as dark as its predecessor. Its titled Dinner with Bacchus Giraffe, and it shows Bacchus the Giraffe God as an almost unwelcome guest. The woman at the dinner table wrestles with the option of drinking to escape her worries. This woman has more hope and courage, she thinks of facing her problems with a clear mind, not giving into intoxication as a means of escape. But the thought of giving up and drinking is tempting to her and she is seen gazing at Bacchus Giraffe's amusing advances with a subtle curiosity. I created this painting in one day.

The last of my paintings (so far) that shows a giraffe, is not necessarily Bacchus. This giraffe is not trying to intoxicate people into escaping their worries but acting as a protector and teacher. In Pomegranate Seeds, completed in 2005, the giraffe appears to a man in his dreams and explains the magnificence of life creating itself over and over using a pomegranate as an example. He cuddles the sleeping man, almost sexually, explaining how each tiny pomegranate seed has the potential within to grow into a massive tree that will again produce fruits with tiny seeds that can grow again into massive trees into infinity.

The idea for Pomegranate Seeds appeared to me in a dream. I used the Bacchus like giraffe character not for his associations to the Roman God but simply as a type of guardian angel giraffe. In this painting the giraffe character is stripped of any associations with wine or escape. The giraffe in this painting is the antitheses of escape; he represents birth and rebirth, a message from Providence, the passing on of knowledge. The dream I had continues, the man wakes up after being told about the momentum of life reproducing itself infinitely and the giraffe is gone. He walks along a savanna and finds a sleeping giraffe, and he cuddles the giraffe, whispering into his dreams the secrets of life reproducing itself using a pomegranate as an example. That same giraffe wakes up then finds the man sleeping and this goes on forever.

I had the dream and created the painting in October 2005, the next month my wife found out she was pregnant with our beautiful daughter Zoë.


I'd like to introduce myself for those of you who don't know who I am. My artist name is Skip Noah. My real name is Daniel Myers, I acquired the nickname Skip in elementary school. I started painting around 1992/1993 and I would sign my paintings as 'Skip' most of the time. I decided to go with an artist pen name in 2000. I picked Noah after the character Noah in Genesis who saved all the animals. I currently sign my pieces with 'Skip Noah' and go by that name for my art.

I've taught myself how to draw and paint. When I was a kid I would trace cartoon characters on a light up tracing machine my parents got me. Years later when I was in my early 20s I decided to start painting. I showed at a gallery in Deep Ellum called Vincent's Ear. They soon closed down and I didn't seek any other gallery shows.

In 1996 I met my amazing soon-to-be wife Nikki, and she encouraged me to try and show my artwork again. I submitted my artwork to a gallery called the Deep Ellum Center for the Arts. They offered me a dual show with another artist. After that I started showing regularly at various galleries.

Thats the artistic side of me in a nutshell. You can always see more of my work on my website. I will be posting a lot of my past work on this blog so I can go more in depth about the paintings, the stories behind the paintings, post images of sketches before the paintings were created, and so on.