Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rainstorm Approaching The Town By The Sea That Never Existed

In this painting I was interested in the idea of art creating a world that momentarily exists to the viewer. Just for a moment your eyes walk the streets, go into the buildings; feel the approaching rainstorm in the air, smell the salt of the sea. The mind wonders back to reality with the slightly melancholy fact that this town does not exist, nor has it ever.

I personally love the feeling of approaching rainstorms. This unnamed town cant see the rainstorm approaching because of its position on the mountainside, but I'm sure if you were on the streets you could feel it. The relatively calm sea (calm before the storm), made for an easy trip for the person in the yellow rowboat, who looks like they were just at the town across the harbor. Which town they call home is unknown even to me. At first I had the sea crashing with waves, it matched the swirling turmoil of the thundercloud. But after painting over it and noticing the calm, tranquil feeling of the sea, I left it in a state of momentary serenity. Ive also recently had a great interest in Japanese art, especially that of Hokusai. I believe some of his works have had a slight influence on this piece especially.

The town itself is reminiscent of the Cinque Terre region of Italy. The buildings clinging to the sides of mountains plummeting into the sea. The buildings themselves I added very light elements of Asian and Islamic architecture.

In a lot of my recent paintings I show a sun that is either setting or rising. In the painting I complete before this one, "Chiron Serenading The Autumn Woods", the sun is a morning sun, heralding a new day and season. Ive been asked if it is setting or rising in this work, I believe it is setting. I love the rain at night.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Art for the MASSES Exhibition

I'll be part of a group exhibition at Dahlia Woods Gallery in Dallas titled Art for the MASSES. The reception is Saturday Dec. 5 from 6-8:30 p.m. The show runs until Jan 30. You can find more information here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chiron Serenading The Autumn Woods

"Chiron Serenading The Autumn Woods" shows the scholarly centaur Chiron playing a bouzouki guitar in the woods during late autumn after all the trees have lost their leaves.

The trees in this piece are dancing erotically to the music, surrounding Chiron in a circle as he is playing. There is a communal, sexual, and spiritual feeling in the movement of the trees as they respond to the music. The dull winter sun peaks through the branches as an ocean of cold clouds is coming towards the scene, heralding the beginning of a new and colder season. Chiron sits on a path, contemplative, performing a musical celebration, a story of the year that has past, one last dance before the sleep of winter.

I now find myself drawn towards doing art that involves nature and the outdoors. Living in Austin you have a lot of great outdoor locations to hike and be around the natural world, and I believe this environment is making its way into my artwork. I have more ideas for nature centered art in the future.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I just created a new facebook account so if you like my art and would like to be friends on facebook send me a request!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Audition in NYC video

I tried out for a reality artist show this past weekend in NYC. On the video you can see me at 4:00, I'm at the table talking to one of the first screener.

Monday, July 13, 2009

NeighborsGo - Dallas Morning News Article

You can click on the images below to read. NeighborsGo is part of the Dallas Morning News, a neighborhood section. The Irving NeighborsGo did a great article on my North Lake Exhibition.

Female Centaur

This is my artwork for the 2nd of the 3 Body Art Balls in Dallas I participated in. Its titled Female Centaur. I was originally going to paint the model but it tuns out she was allergic to the paints I had, so I improvised and covered her in color plastic wrap and painted parts of that. The back legs of the centaur costume that I created where attached to her front legs and had bendable knees, so when she walked the back legs moved in tandem with hers.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas Queen

In 2000 I took part in The Body Art Ball in Dallas. This was the first Body Art Ball (they continued on for several years afterwards, I took part in the 2 following years as well). This is called The Christmas Queen.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dahlia Woods Gallery Summer Group Show

Dahlia Woods Gallery is having an art reception this Friday, July 10th from 6-8:30pm. It will be me and around 10 other artist showing. The show will run thru August 15th.

Dahlia Woods Gallery is located in Dallas at 600 Cantegral Street

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Young Poet Rumi

The painting "The Young Poet Rumi" shows a young Rumi (sans white beard) composing a poem. The painting is a visual narrative of catharsis. Peacock feather in hand, the flow of ink has veered off the paper and knocked over an ink well as the weight of emotion from what he has just written causes him to collapse in creative exhaustion, his heart pumping blood onto the green table. Two young birds fly in through his open window bringing flowers. These feathered muses also bring him inspiration metaphorically through these gifts of flowers.

When I see this painting I can smell the salty air of the sea just outside Rumi's window. The lines of the poem on the paper are from the poem Heroes:

Does any artist paint for the sake of the picture itself,
without the hope of offering some good?
No, but for the sake of the viewers and the young
who will be drawn by it and freed from cares.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos from Northlake Art Reception

WeShotJr Interview

Here is an interview I did for a site called weshotjr.com

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giraffes and Seahorses

I will be having a retrospective of my work spanning back the past 15 years at Northlake College in Irving. The exhibition's is titled "Giraffes and Seahorses" and will display will be over 20 pieces of art ranging from the early 1990s till this year. The show runs from June 11th - July 7th, with an opening reception on Wednesday June 17th, 7:30 - 9:00 pm in the gallery.

For those interested in viewing this exhibit the Northlake College is located in Irving, and the college gallery is in building A.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amalgamation of minutia

I didn't make it to Houston for the reception for the Hunting Art Prize. I was selected by 3 jurors to get into the show; Kate Green an independent curator and former curator of Artpace in San Antonio; Chiyo Ishikawa, deputy director of art, Seattle Art Museum in Seattle; and Suzanne Folds McCullagh, curator-prints and drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago. I didn't win the prize money, but thats ok, I got into the show which I'm happy about.

Im working on a painting around now about the poet Rumi.  It should be completed here in the next couple of weeks.  Im going to include this piece in one of the two shows I have coming up this summer, a solo show at Northlake College and a group show at Dahlia Woods Gallery, both in Dallas. Im looking forward to both.

Ive included a drawing I did a while back of a Buddhist monk realizing the ways of becoming one with all thats around you, i.e., understanding and accepting your role as part of everything.

Photos from Natura Fragilis

I found some great photos online of the Natura Fragilis exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center.  The photos were taken by another artist at the show, her name is Julie Zarate and you can see her work here. The curator for the show was Enrique Fernández Cervantes.  He is a really great guy and artist if youd like to check out his work.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

BlackWhiteRead.com article

Here is a great article by Glen Kitto for BlackWhiteRead.com on the "Perchance to Dream" show at Dahlia Woods Gallery.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I found my name on some blogs and thought Id share.  I think its great that these people used my work on their blogs, thanks!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


This is a new found objects sculpture Ive recently completed. It will be included in the Natura Fragilis exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dallas Morning News- Feb 13th

I was recently featured in the Dallas Morning News Weekend Guide-Arts Section, which you can read by selecting the image below.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Review for "Per Chance To Dream" show

Lydia Regaldo recently reviewed my art show at Dahlia Woods Gallery for THE magazine.  Lydia has an eloquent way with words, and explained my art and my intentions with amazingly keen insight.  After reading this review I couldnt help but have a big smile on my face.  

If you're in Dallas you can also pick up a copy of the February edition of THE magazine at most art galleries.

Friday, January 16, 2009


This painting depicts a woman from Darfur, beaten and clinging onto life, looking back at the viewer and wondering why no one is helping her.  Why is she being ignored by the rest of the world? The women and girls in this region are receiving the worst types of violence committed especially against them. This is the image of someone that has hit bottom and is sitting there waiting. However you can see the strength in her eyes, a dim light that is taking refuge in the depths of her pupils, a light that will soon well up and shine bright again.

The image of this painting came to me all at once, in an instant. The surface of the canvas is rough, beaten and worn as is the subject.  To me it’s a painting that is constantly challenging the viewer to solve the answer to an unanswerable question - Why?  Why the violence, the rape, the murder, why against us? Against me? Why is more not being done to help the victims?

This solitary symbol of the victims of Darfur will never relinquish her question of "why". Her gaze digs its questioning stare deep into the viewer looking for answers as do roots dig into dry soil searching for water.

Freud's Subconscious

Sigmund Freud, feeding the materialization of his subconscious (a ring-tailed lemur) a cashew. His own creation and discovery, the subconscious, now a living entity of its own, resting upon his shoulders, needing attention and further nourishment (especially cashews)!

Just a fun painting about the creation of new fundamental ideas and how we incorporate them into our framework of reality. 

Why a lemur? Something Id really like to do one day is to feed wild lemurs in Madagascar.

Midnight Storm Rolling Into Venice

Midnight Storm Rolling Into Venice is an architectural piece depicting the city of Venice at midnight just as a storm is blowing in from the Adriatic Sea.

All the people are inside their homes, the streets are deserted; the winged lion of St Marks is cleaning himself (now that he doesn’t have to sit still pretending to be a statue).  A wooden chair waits the viewer in the lower left side of the canvas, inviting the viewer to have a seat as their eyes wonder through the city streets and breathe in the cool, salty air just before the storm

The Way the Light Dances in Istanbul

I have seen by traveling to different countries that the light seems to have a different hue, a nature all its own in relationship to the geographical elements, the plants, the stones, the dirt and animals (I include people under the animal description). Light seems to have its own unique characteristics based on the angle its hitting the earth, the longitude and latitude you’re standing on at the moment.  This is the light vibrating and dancing through the ancient and modern streets of Istanbul, broken up into cross sections of time, a split second of sensation and time tiled like slides for a microscope.

The Griffin and the Cello

This piece is title "The Griffin and the Cello". It shows a griffin (with the anthropomorphic addition of a woman’s head, arm and breast) playing a cello on a street corner. All the people in the street have umbrellas, and you can see from the water rushing down the street drain that there is a break in a rain storm. The griffin is resting her foot on a flower of life ball similar to the way Chinese guardian lions do.

The cello to me is a very sexual instrument when the musician is a female.  The female musician wraps her legs around the large wooden vibrating instrument, playing and creating notes, a communication takes place between the musician and the instrument that is both intimate and sensual. The music that is made floats through the air, calling nature to rain more, to produce more water to nourish the earth. The figure in back watches the street musician playing in admiration.

The female griffin musician playing the cello represents a woman creating life, the intimate relationship between mother and baby in utero. The creation of life is pure, natural, animalistic, and beyond our comprehension.  It is the nexus between our dimension and another, the one we all came from before this one.

I look in on admiration at my wife as she creates life. This painting was finished the day we found out we are having another baby. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Per Chance To Dream Reception at Dahlia Woods

Id like to invite anyone reading this post who will be in Dallas On January 16th out to an art reception Ill be having at Dahlia Woods Gallery called "Per Chance To Dream - The Dream Paintings of Skip Noah".

I will have 13 paintings at the show, most of them I haven't shown to anyone. The attire is very casual, its free, and should be lots of fun. Here is the information:

Gallery Name: Dahlia Woods Gallery
Address: 600 Cantegral Street in Dallas (bordering Deep Ellum)
When: Friday, January 16th from 6:00 to 8:30 pm

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jasmine Tea With Okapi

This piece titled Jasmine Tea With Okapi is a fun story showing an Okapi wondering into a tea house at night, and a geisha serving him some Jasmine tea. The okapi seems smitten with the geisha serving him, though the geisha seem a bit unsure.  He has probably been to this tea house before, most likely has a crush on this particular geisha.  She knows this and seems a little uneasy that we have wondered in and are viewing the unorthodox relationship between the two. 

Yellow butterflies are flying in through the window and partaking in the spilt tea on the table and gathering nectar from the wild cherry blossoms in the geisha's hair.  This idea of the yellow butterflies is influenced from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book 100 Years of Solitude. 

The hanging lamp forms an eye, drowsily staring back at the viewer. The situation created by this scenario, combined with the blue-night milieu, nature with her wild cherry blossoms, yellow butterflies and anthropomorphic okapi, gives birth to a conscious; a situational conscious whose eye flows through the hanging lamp and stares back at the viewer with an ancient ambivalence.

The reason I chose an okapi for this piece is to contrast the natural markings of the okapi with the unnatural ornamentations of the geisha (and other women who find it necessary to over decorate themselves).  

San Francisco Under a Marigold Sky

This is one of the new paintings I recently finished. It shows a person (me) laying in the foreground holding a thread that winds its way through the hills of San Francisco. The thread represents where I have physically been, the time and experience of walking through the city condensed into a material object. 

When we visit or live in a city, the more we explore it the more we collect memories and associations with that bit of geography, the wider our definition of a place becomes. We also see places without physically standing on them (the water in the bay, the sky, the air around us) that we have sensational memories of (sight, smell, temperature). 

I am currently reading Joseph Campbell's The Hero of a Thousand Faces, and he talks of a
 world navel.  I represent the world navel with the dark somewhat ominous spiral expanding in the center of the city, a nexus between this plane of existence and a dimension beyond our senses. A connection with the experience of exploration and learning  that lies between memory of tangible, physical surroundings and a deeper understanding that lies beyond what we can explain in words, beyond what our senses can comprehend, something that can only be suggested through symbols, presented so each individual can meditate individually through their own framework of the reality that exists beyond our comprehension.