Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Upcoming Exhibition

I am currently creating a new piece of art for an exhibition at the Bathhouse Gallery in Dallas called Verse and Reverse. I like the idea of the show, artists submit a piece of existing artwork that a writer will write a poem or short story about. That same writer will give a story to the artist so they can do a piece of artwork on it. There are 8 artists and 8 writers participating in this show.

Right now I'm working on the artwork for the short story I was given. I picked out a very small segment of the story, just one line, to do the piece on. The writer is going to write a short story about the painting Dinner With Bacchus Giraffe. I'm looking forward to reading his interpretation of the painting.

The show runs March 15th - April 12th, the reception is March 15th from 7-9.

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