Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sites, anecdotes and thank yous

I recently joined 3 art sites, thought I would share the links with any other artist interested. They are free sites and others can comment on your work:
deviantART Gallery

I'm going to start applying to local galleries here in the next couple of weeks, a task Ive been neglecting for a couple of years now. I have an interesting anecdote about applying to galleries. About 9 years ago I applied to Empty Walls Gallery in Dallas. The first time I went in I saw a guy working there and he took a look at my work and politely replied "not interested", he didn't really look at me in the face at all. About 6 months later I went back to the same gallery, with the same work and saw the same guy, this time he loved it and asked me for work. I ended up showing my work at Empty Walls for about 4 years. It shows that not only are taste in art different from person to person, but even the same person can change taste over an allotted amount of time. Just a bit of encouragement for any artist who may be frustrated with getting shows.

On a different note I sent a copy of the sketch of Noam Chomsky I did to him, and he replied back saying "thank you and he appreciated it". That made me happy.

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