Tuesday, February 5, 2008


With this drawing (and a couple of others completed around the same time) I wanted to try something a bit different so I painted different shades of yellow on drawing paper then drew my wife on top of that. I like the outcome, it gives it a certain cloud like atmosphere. I also like the expression of curiosity I capture on my wifes face, it seems like she was studying me as I was drawing her.

With the line style I use in this and other drawings I'm trying to capture the idea of constant change that is always going on around us. Nothing is ever still, not even a rock. You have the movement of Nikki before she sat down for me to draw her, the movement afterwards, the small movements imperceptible to the eye, the vibrations and movements on an anatomical level, and the myriad of movements inside her body.

I plan on continuing with the ideas and techniques used in this drawing on future pieces.

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