Friday, February 15, 2008


In 2001 we (me, my wife and a friend) took a trip to Japan. While there I drew my wife taking a nap. I'm not sure which city we were in at the time, I think Hakone.

The first drawing I made of her asleep was while we were on our honeymoon in Paris. This is probably my favorite drawing Ive ever done. I like the landscape quality. It seems like the pillow is a mountainside and her hair is a forest or meadow, falling down into a ravine behind her arm. The space under her shirt sleeve reminds me of a cave. It seems that the earth itself could awake from her nap, slowly opening her eternal eyes. To me this drawing sparks the association of Gaia, mother earth and the manifestation of that in my beautiful wife sleeping (after a long days walk through the Louvre).

I really enjoy these drawings of Nikki sleeping, I plan on doing a series of these.

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