Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is not Gordon

The relationship between humanity and technology is interesting when you consider that the material we are working with in its raw form is non-existent to our eyes. What we see on the screen is a “translation” of the real material inside the computer. The bright pixels that form pictures, letters and numbers are not really the actual information that we spend hours of every day working, with but an elaborate translation to human symbols. Years ago people worked with there hands and created the product, they could hold the actual result in there hands, today we type on keys, and the actual product is something we never see, the actual product is a translation. Kind of like everything you “see” around you is not external but translated information. Anyway, the title is funny, while I was painting this painting Nikki kept asking me if that was Gordon I was painting (a friend of ours at the time). I kept saying it wasn’t and Nikki insisted that it was, so I titled the painting so that I could win the argument, even though I think Nikki was right, it probably is Gordon!

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