Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breathing In and Out

I notice that my work comes in breaths. I have a period of "breathing in", where I don't produce much work and just breath in the life around me, storing it up and processing it. Then I "breath out", letting my subconscious purge and I begin turning all of those experiences into artwork. For the past several years I haven't really produced that much work, Ive been breathing in.

I have ideas for about 25 new paintings that I'm looking forward to starting on. Most of the ideas I have are figurative, some with religious and anthropomorphic overtones about them. I will probably start on those this fall, after we move. I'm interested in seeing how my artwork has changed since I haven't been doing a lot of it lately. I notice that when I "breath out" my work has changed quality, new ideas and ways of painting spring out. I never know what the change will be but I'm looking forward to seeing it develop over the course of my next breath out cycle.

I was recently contacted by a photographer named Ross who is curating for a new space in Dallas called Ochre Gallery. Its a gallery space located inside a salon. I enjoy having my work out in public, for people to see and talk about as opposed to being stored somewhere. Its there now and will be there for several months. I'm also talking with several other galleries right now about shows and other things coming up.

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The Margin Wight said...

I've noticed this cyclical character in my writing process. It's an artistic thing, perhaps. Must feed brain. I will have to watch, though, to see whether I experience the same thing you describe when my cycle comes around again. I've been in an absorbent period for the last couple of months. Very few stories coming from my pen. When I start writing again, will the work be qualitatively different, improved? Thanks for your observations.