Sunday, May 25, 2008

Night Sky Over Reykjavik

I have wanted to create a piece of art based on Iceland since we visited there in 2005. This piece is attempting to reconstruct parts of the city of Reykjavik and the sea bordering the city based on my memories 2 years after being there. There is a theory that each memory is reconstructed anew the moment you remember it from various symbols in your mind. This is my take on that theory.

Taking shapes, pieces, colors, experience, the feeling of the crisp clean air, the marriage of nature and architecture that is Reykjavik, the memories I have of breathing in the salty sea air with every step down her clean cold streets. No matter where I was in Reykjavik, I was constantly reminded of the mountains, the sea and the arctic sky above bordering the top of the world.

I changed the position of the city a bit, taking the main street and pushing it closer to the sea, moving Mt. Esja over a bit and turning the puffin island of Akurey into a man-made object. Nature and architecture seems so inter-related in Reykjavik I made an incoming cloud into the same material the city’s buildings are made of. The pink glow on the horizon gives a hint of the daytime reality the rest of the world is experiencing. You feel as if you’ve found a geographical hiding place away from daylight as the sun focuses on the lower latitudes.

I’ve had a growing interest in night based artwork. It seems at night colors and shapes become more intense as they pop out of the darkness.

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