Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chiron Serenading The Autumn Woods

"Chiron Serenading The Autumn Woods" shows the scholarly centaur Chiron playing a bouzouki guitar in the woods during late autumn after all the trees have lost their leaves.

The trees in this piece are dancing erotically to the music, surrounding Chiron in a circle as he is playing. There is a communal, sexual, and spiritual feeling in the movement of the trees as they respond to the music. The dull winter sun peaks through the branches as an ocean of cold clouds is coming towards the scene, heralding the beginning of a new and colder season. Chiron sits on a path, contemplative, performing a musical celebration, a story of the year that has past, one last dance before the sleep of winter.

I now find myself drawn towards doing art that involves nature and the outdoors. Living in Austin you have a lot of great outdoor locations to hike and be around the natural world, and I believe this environment is making its way into my artwork. I have more ideas for nature centered art in the future.

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