Friday, January 16, 2009

The Griffin and the Cello

This piece is title "The Griffin and the Cello". It shows a griffin (with the anthropomorphic addition of a woman’s head, arm and breast) playing a cello on a street corner. All the people in the street have umbrellas, and you can see from the water rushing down the street drain that there is a break in a rain storm. The griffin is resting her foot on a flower of life ball similar to the way Chinese guardian lions do.

The cello to me is a very sexual instrument when the musician is a female.  The female musician wraps her legs around the large wooden vibrating instrument, playing and creating notes, a communication takes place between the musician and the instrument that is both intimate and sensual. The music that is made floats through the air, calling nature to rain more, to produce more water to nourish the earth. The figure in back watches the street musician playing in admiration.

The female griffin musician playing the cello represents a woman creating life, the intimate relationship between mother and baby in utero. The creation of life is pure, natural, animalistic, and beyond our comprehension.  It is the nexus between our dimension and another, the one we all came from before this one.

I look in on admiration at my wife as she creates life. This painting was finished the day we found out we are having another baby. 


Armando said...

Is this painting for sale?

Skip Noah said...

Hi Armando, The painting sold last month. Thanks for your interest, and if you see any other artwork you like let me know.