Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amalgamation of minutia

I didn't make it to Houston for the reception for the Hunting Art Prize. I was selected by 3 jurors to get into the show; Kate Green an independent curator and former curator of Artpace in San Antonio; Chiyo Ishikawa, deputy director of art, Seattle Art Museum in Seattle; and Suzanne Folds McCullagh, curator-prints and drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago. I didn't win the prize money, but thats ok, I got into the show which I'm happy about.

Im working on a painting around now about the poet Rumi.  It should be completed here in the next couple of weeks.  Im going to include this piece in one of the two shows I have coming up this summer, a solo show at Northlake College and a group show at Dahlia Woods Gallery, both in Dallas. Im looking forward to both.

Ive included a drawing I did a while back of a Buddhist monk realizing the ways of becoming one with all thats around you, i.e., understanding and accepting your role as part of everything.

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